Windows XP – System Restore Is Not Working

Windows XP

This will help you troubleshoot when System Restore is not working or will not run when attempting to create a restore point, or using a restore point to restore previous settings.

This issue may be caused by the program being disabled, or other programs may be preventing System Restore from running.

  1. Click Start . Right-click on My Computer and click Properties .
  2. In the System Properties box, click the System Restore tab.
  3. Verify Turn off System Restore is not selected.
  4. Under Disk space usage, move the slide bar to the right to increase the amount of disk space reserved for System Restore . Click Apply and then click OK . If prompted to restart the computer, click Yes . If not prompted, close all open windows and restart normally. After the computer restarts, run System Restore . If it is still not working, continue these steps.
  5. Click Start , and then click Control Panel.
  6. In the Control Panel , double-click Administrative Tools. Note: It may be necessary to click on the Performance and Maintenance icon first, then the Administrative Tools icon. In the Administrative Tools box , double-click Computer Management .
  7. When the Computer Management box opens, click the plus (+) next to Services and Applications in the left pane, and then click Services. In the right pane , scroll to System Restore Services, and double-click. The System Restore Service Properties box opens. Verify Startup type is set to Automatic. If it is not set to Automatic , click the down arrow at the right side of the Startup type field, and select Automatic.
  8. Verify the Service Status is set to Started . If listed as Stopped , click the Start button.
  9. Click Apply and then click OK , and close all other open windows.
  10. If prompted to restart the computer, click Yes

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