Windows XP – Removing stuck print jobs

Windows XP

If you have a print job that is stuck in the printers que and you have tried to cancel it but could not because it shows Deleting but never does.


Remove any other pending print jobs in the printers que until you are left with just the problem ones. Just click on each print job and choose cancel!

If a print job in the que shows “deleting” but never completes the command;

Go to Start then choose Run
Type ” net stop spooler ” and press Enter
Wait for the DOS window to open then close.
Go to Start then Run & type “net start spooler” press Enter
If this does not work Go To Step2


If that does not cancel the print job:

Your Windows XP spool directory is located at


On a Windows 2000 machine the path is usually


It will Usually will contain files looking like these:


There will be two files for each remaining print job. Just delete these and reboot your computer. Your print queue should now be cleared.

*** To delete the print files type ” del . ” in the correct directory and press Enter. * Make sure you are in the right path i.e., C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\PRINTERS

If that does not work Go To Step3

If you are printing over the network, and cannot get the print job to clear the que after the above steps:

Go to the computer that has the shared printer attached and perform Steps 1 & 2 above.

If that does not work then go to the computer where the Print Job was sent from and perform steps 1 & 2 on that computer.

Step 3

If all of this does not work then run a disk check on the computer that has the printer attached

Go to Start then choose Run
Type ” CMD ” and press Enter
Wait for the DOS window to open.
Type ” CHKDSK C: /R /F ” if C:\ is where your OS is installed!

Answer Y for yes and press enter
Reboot your computer and wait for the Disk Check to complete
Chkdsk is an acronym for check disk it is a Microsoft® utility designed to check the integrity of your data on the computer’s hard disk drive as well as find and fix errors which could corrupt your data or program files.

*On computers using Windows® XP and 2000, chkdsk is essentially a replacement for scandisk which was used on Windows® ’95, ’98 and ME versions.

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