Windows XP – Obtaining CHKDSK Results

Windows XP

How to get to Event Viewer

In Windows XP there are four ways to get to event viewer

  1. <Start><Control Panel><Administrative Tools><Event Viewer>
  2. <Right-Click My Computer><Manage><Event Viewer>
  3. <Start><Run><Eventvwr>
  4. <From C: Prompt><Eventvwr>

Obtaining CHKDSK Results

  1. Once Event Viewer is open, select Application
  2. The 4th column of information in the right-hand pane is titled Source , click on the word Source at the top of the column to sort by that column
  3. Scroll through the Source column to find the most recent entry titled Winlogon
  4. Double-click Winlogon to open the CHKDSK results