Windows XP – Defragmenting An XP Hard DISK Drive

Windows XP

This will help you defragment your hard drive.

 As you create, edit, and delete files on the hard drive, the system creates small, empty spaces, and stores files in fragments. Accessing fragmented files impacts system performance. Defragmenting moves the files to contiguous hard drive space and eliminates holes.

The Disk Defragmenter runs faster and is less prone to errors if it is the only program running. To ensure that it is the only program running, start the computer in Safe Mode .

To start the Disk Defragmenter, on the Start menu, highlight All Programs, Accessories and System Tools. Click Disk Defragmenter.
In the Disk Defragmenter box, highlight the drive to defragment.

Click Analyze to scan the hard drive. Disk Defragmenter displays a Report window that may recommend defragmenting the drive. If it recommends defragmenting the drive, click Defragment. When the progress indicator reaches 100%, a message indicates that defragmentation is complete. It can take a few minutes up to several hours to defragment a drive.

Do not use the computer while the defragmenter is running.

Restart in Normal mode.